MySQL DB within Azure App

Big thanks to How to Setup Azure MySQL In App – Transcendent Software – Software Development, Data Science, and Cloud Technologies

Start in Microsoft Azure App Services

To set up MySQL In App, all you have to do is open your blade for your App Service, scroll under the Settings header to MySQL In App and click on it. Then click On under MySQL In App on the pane.

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Automating Retweets using Python & Tweepy

Python is cool and easy. Its interpreted like PHP (Which I really miss after moving to MS world)

That being said, in the below article, I will list out the steps required to write a Python script using which you can automate retweets based on a hashtag. This scripts helps mainly during promotions of products on Twitter platform or sometimes can be used for a good cause.

FYI: I am a beginner in Python 🙂

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Your own item_commonitem_body.html


Change default Item_commonitem_body.html

Before we move in the display template, let’s first look at how to change the default item_commonitem_body and use our own. The following steps list the detail (the steps will be same for On-Premise SharePoint although I use SPO as a example):

  • Go to display template folder under master page gallery at your search center on SPO.

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Use JQuery inside HTML5 Web Worker


Web workers are game changers in terms of how they can offload work from the browser’s main thread. Given that the current trend is about implementing a page which is dynamic in nature, one has to fallback to using ASYNC jobs.

Even then, the browser chokes and your users may end up with longs page loads and their system, browsers hanging.

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