Constructing a refiner click for search

Ever wondered if there was a way to have a link which would open up the search page with predefined refiners?

Option 1:

Inside search page, select all the refiners and copy the url and use it. But this is a kind of hard coding.

Option 2:

What if you had to dynamically construct the anchors with search link. This is the article for you.

Original Source here.

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Organizational Browser Start Account

If you would like to create an Organizational Browser page that shows an entire organization or that starts with any user other than the one currently logged in you can do so with a Script Editor web part.  First, create a page, add the organizational browser web part and a script editor web part.  The choose the appropriate source below for your script editor and replace the DOMAIN and SAMACCOUNTNAME/USERPRINCIPALNAME and SHAREPOINT_URL_INCLUDING_SITE Read More »