SharePoint OOB Search – Top Navigation menu items

One can create custom Top navigation items that can be seen on a OOB Search results page.

Basically these will be displayed if you insert a SEARCH NAVIGATION web part.

To create a new navigation item, go to SITE SETTINGS -> Search Settings -> Links – Add New Link

Let us say, we want to create a new navigation element called DOCUMENTS which lists only documents (files) which match the search keyword.

Title: Documents

URL: /pages/searchresults_documents.aspx

Description: Documents

Here whenever the above aspx file is opened, the respective Navigation element is automatically highlighted.


Now inside the above aspx page, edit the search results web part & change the query.

Here I am saying that the results should match the Query string URL parameter called “k” and filters only MS office word, ppt, excel & PDF files

search results web part -> Edit -> Change query

Basics – Query text

({QueryString.k}*) AND (FileExtension:doc OR FileExtension:docx OR FileExtension:xls OR FileExtension:xlsx OR FileExtension:ppt OR FileExtension:pptx OR FileExtension:pdf)



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