Combine People results with regular search results

In my previous posts you might have seen that we generally use PEOPLE link in the Search Navigation web part to display all the people results.

By default the EVERYTHING link only displays Links & documents.

Now I will explain on what I did to get PEOPLE results too inside the EVERYTHING page for the searched keyword.


In spite of having dedicated navigation elements for filtering specific result types like pages, documents, people…… clients will still say that EVERYTHING tab should display all the results. (I dont blame them since thats what the definition is :-))

Point to remember: The Search Results web part’s Query Builder will have a simple query like below: Given that I use the URL parameter with name = “k”


Now this will internally contain an EXCLUSION string added before execution where in the people results are excluded. Like below:


To overcome this issue, we need to create a new QUERY RULE

  1. Go to Site Settings -> Query Rules
  2. Under For What Context drop down, select “Local SharePoint Results (system)”
  3. Now click on NEW QUERY RULE
  4. Give rule name = “My Everything Rule”
  5. Under Query Conditions, click “Remove condition”
  6. Under Action, click on “Add Result Block”
  7. In the new popup, change the Block Title “Results for “{subjectTerms}”“. Prepend “People” before it.
  8. Under Query, for Search This Source drop down, select “Local People Results (System)”
  9. Under Settings you can define the MORE link where the actual PEOPLE results page is designed like


There was a awesome article which I followed here



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