People Search Results – Remove “people who have written about….”

proicon_listsearchIf you have configured your search results web part to use a custom result source like OOB’s “People Results(System)”, then you will get to see only User results.

But there will be extra information section called “People who have written about…”. You can remove this easily by doing below:

  1. Site settings > Manage Query Rules (Remember this can be as per the level you want to do this, meaning at Service App, SPSite, SPWeb)
  2. Select “Local People Results (System)” from the first dropdown under For what context do you want to configure rules?
  3. Here you can see the list of rules that are created by SP itself.
  4. Find the rule by carefully looking at the details in the column
  5. Then click the rule’s dropdown & hit INACTIVE

That is it. Now the people results page will be just Users.


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