Add Organization Browser Web Part In SharePoint Online

What is organization Browser?

This Web part is used to display the company organization chart and the user can easily search for the people within the organization and display the additional information for those people.

By default, providing the organization Browser Web part, it is available under the site collaboration Category

Steps to add

Follow the steps to add the organization chart on your page.

Step 1

Open your SharePoint site.

Step 2

Go to site contents, using the left navigation or gear menu.

Step 3

On-site contents, open the pages library and create one page to add an organization chart.

Step 4

After you created the page, open the page and select edit page, using gear menu.


Step 5

Now, edit the page and click insert option button on the top ribbon, as shown below.


Step 6

Select Web part from the ribbon and choose the site collaboration Web part category.


Step 7

On the site collaboration category, select the organization Browser Web part, as shown below.


Step 8

Finally, save and check in the page, organization chart will be available in your page.


Finally, an organization chart will be added in your page.


Thanks to:


Specifying the start account for the above organization browser


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